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Moving forward

Gazing into the crystal ball and forecasting what the future will bring is alway fraught with danger. However having been through 5 property cycles over the past 30 years I thought I would be brave, stand up on my soapbox and throw out a few predictions for the rest of this year in regards to the property market.

My impression is that potential property market participants (buyers and sellers) have been … Read the full post »

Day tight compartments

Worrying about the future and dwelling on regrets of past actions is a common human trait that nearly all of us would admit to periodically. It becomes a major problem when it overwhelms our thoughts to the point of affecting our wellbeing.

It can come in many forms and is often episodic depending on what is happening in our lives at that time. There is often a trigger event … Read the full post »

Great Ocean Report – April 2019

As usual in this report we try and demystify what is happening in the property markets and hopefully provide some clarity about where we are heading.

To establish some context for this article we need to establish that property markets are cyclical in nature and that there is not just one property market, there are hundreds of them in Australia. Each of these are affected by local drivers and also … Read the full post »

On purpose

I have recently returned from a leadership development course at Harvard in Boston where I was joined by 164 other participants from 30 other countries. This course is only run twice a year and it was a personally very rewarding week providing not only for new experiences but also providing clarity around my previously held beliefs.

The great thing about having such a diverse attendance is that you get to … Read the full post »

Great Ocean Report – December 2018

There is an incredible amount of property market commentary in the media at present and as usual, we will try and separate the facts from the smoke and mirrors.

To set the scene we need to discuss some principles of property markets. Firstly, they are cyclical but they are not uniform. Secondly, they are self-perpetuating. Thirdly, things are never as good or as bad as they seem. These may … Read the full post »

Shape of you

At Great Ocean Properties we have developed a strong culture of professional and personal development. As part of this ongoing journey, I am attending a course at Harvard in Boston next month that I am really looking forward to. In preparation for this I have been reading the course material that has been sent to me, as they have requested.

All my adult life I have collected quotes or lines in … Read the full post »


Although from the outside it looks like working in real estate is a property business, it’s actually not, it’s a people business. It’s a business servicing people who are in the process of buying or selling property. Each transaction can vary in the number of people involved. It can be quite a significant number when you take into account the buyers and sellers (and their families), but also the other … Read the full post »


We have a company culture of continuous learning and this week we were very fortunate to have Emma Murray, the Richmond Football Club Mindfulness Coach, come and talk to our whole team. It was an amazing session and there is no wonder why that club is enjoying so much recent success.

Emma is regarded as their secret weapon and we all saw why. She has been instrumental in taking Dusty … Read the full post »

Believe to succeed

Having just watched the Western Bulldog fairytale come true, it struck me how much they believed they could do it. To win the premiership from 7th place on the ladder, they had to win 4 sudden death finals in a row. No team had ever done this before. The key element that kept coming from the interviews with the players and coaches was that they truly believed they could.

There are … Read the full post »

Great Ocean Report April 2016

Great Ocean Report April 2016

It’s hard to believe that we are into April already but the upside is that we are getting a good handle on how 2016 is likely to play out, and so far it is looking quite favourable. In fact, mainstream media is struggling to hold our attention on the economic front, so they have to ramp up the bad news headlines in other areas just to … Read the full post »

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