Why Sell With Us

We feel that there are several points of difference between us and other agents. As you are about to make a decision on whether or not to choose us to represent you, we feel that this is probably a good time to tell you about them.

  • We pride ourselves on our marketing. We have two experienced graphic designers on staff to make sure every property is presented beautifully. We also pride ourselves on our copy and agonise over every sentence. If you go to any real estate website that we use, you can see the difference between us and other agents.
  • We are very data driven to provide accurate advice. Our bi-monthly Great Ocean Reports have a strong following and are relied upon to keep property owners up to date.
  • We have the largest and most well trained sales team in our area. We have 12 estate agents working between Torquay, Anglesea, Aireys Inlet and Apollo Bay offices. Your property would be advertised at multiple offices and all agents have the ability to introduce buyers to the listing.
  • We communicate! The most common gripe about real estate agents is that they don’t keep their vendors informed on what is happening with their properties. We make the commitment to keep you regularly up to date.
  • We defend our vendor’s interest. Although we have a responsibility to treat the purchasers fairly and reasonably, we never forget who our client is. It is you the vendor.
  • We can go on but your eyes are probably glazing over by now…..