Lessons from 2015 – Published in the Surf Coast Times

As we get older we are supposed to get wiser, so in theory, we should be smarter at the close of 2015 than when it started. Although it feels like it only started 6 months ago rather than 12, a lot has happened in that time. Businesswise it has been exciting, but I admit at times mentally challenging, as we opened another office (now 4) and grew by 5 more staff members to around 20. Personally, like many of us, I have kids that seem to be growing at twice the rate that I would have thought humanly possible and have a constant underlying guilt that I‘m not there often enough, although so far so good. They seem like likable, polite and happy human beings.
People that I knew well have died this year and there have been new additions to families I like. There have been marriages and divorces. I have seen financial success and those that are struggling. I find myself unable to watch the news for the misery it brings, but sit and watch those funny YouTube clips that my son loves to share with me, for hours on end as a form of escapism. I feel guilty that I haven’t been a great correspondent with some friends that I was once close to, but feel very lucky to have made some great new acquaintances this year.
So what lessons have I learned this year? Do I feel smarter? It is a hard thing to measure. I suppose if I was really truthful, I would not say smarter but definitely feel a bit wiser as my life experience continues to lengthen. I have come to the realisation that like the majority of people in this world, I am just trying to do my best. Sometimes my efforts have fallen short but I have also seen some of my endeavours have a significant and positive impact on those around me. For me I think this is my most important lesson for 2015, that positive actions can produce positive outcomes but that the reverse is definitely also true. I think the challenge for all of us in 2016 is to be wise enough to understand the difference.
On behalf of all of us at Great Ocean Properties we wish you a happy and prosperous 2016. We are here to help if you need some.

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