Great Ocean Report February 2017

As we have written about often in our reports, the Australian property market is in fact made up of hundreds of smaller geographic property markets. They are all affected differently by their local social and economic factors, which directly determines their performance. By example, if we look at the performance of the Melbourne and Sydney property markets vs the Perth property market in the past two years we can see … Read the full post »

2016 / 2017 New Years Update

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Great Ocean Report – November 2016

As we are about to roll into Summer and the end of 2016, we are now in a position to reflect on the significant market influences that have been driving, what has again been, an extremely buoyant year for the real estate market on the Great Ocean Road.

Stock levels (properties available for sale) are at an all time low. Having multiple interested parties in properties for sale has been very … Read the full post »

Believe to succeed

Having just watched the Western Bulldog fairytale come true, it struck me how much they believed they could do it. To win the premiership from 7th place on the ladder, they had to win 4 sudden death finals in a row. No team had ever done this before. The key element that kept coming from the interviews with the players and coaches was that they truly believed they could.

There are … Read the full post »

Great Ocean Report – September 2016

As Spring is upon us, it’s time to report on what has been an incredibly busy winter and look at what is probably the most fascinating property market and trading conditions that we have witnessed. There has, as usual, been a lot of commentary in the press as to the state of the Australian property markets and we will again try and demystify what is happening for you.

The best analogy … Read the full post »

Be Curious

Be Curious

One of the best aspects of our profession is that we get to meet an incredible range of different people over the course of any year. After some time you start to see themes appear and you sub-consciously start to group together different personality types with their common traits. It just seems to happen automatically as you try to best cater for their real estate needs.

We see everyone from … Read the full post »

Strategy vs Tactics

Over the past 25 years I have been a keen observer of the behaviour of asset markets and their participants. I have closely watched both the share market and the property market and have seen fortunes made, and plenty lost, in that time. When I look back over that period, a common trait of those who I have watched thrive is that they knew the difference between strategy and tactics.

The … Read the full post »

Great Ocean Report- July 2016

Our July report is always dedicated to a look back on the performance of the Surfcoast property market for the previous financial year. The 2015/16 financial year saw a very active coastal market buoyed by low interest rates and continued positive sentiment from the metropolitan property markets.

So let’s look at the performance of each of the towns during this period. As a reference these sales are house sales, that is … Read the full post »

Your attitude is everything

Over the past 22 years in real estate, I have facilitated hundreds of property transactions and met thousands of people along the way. After a while you become an amateur psychologist and can predict how a person will react when presented with a particular circumstance. As a company we do a lot of training to understand why people act or react the way they do. At our weekly training session … Read the full post »

Great time to reassess. Published in the Surf Coast Times

With the recent interest rate reduction, it is an excellent time to look at your financial situation to make sure you are getting the best deal possible from your lender. This can be as simple as making an appointment with your accountant, financial advisor or bank. The goal is to not only make sure you are paying the lowest interest possible, but also to see whether a long term investment … Read the full post »

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