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This week we saw a classic example of why it is important to take extreme economic predictions with a grain of salt.

In May, Commonwealth Bank CEO Matt Comyn came out with the statement that there was a possibility of the housing market falling by up to 32%. This week he reports that the bank now sees it falling just 6% from … Read the full post »


One of the most challenging things to cope with in times of disruption is the potential for negative story lines to dominate our headspace. It often starts by a series of challenging events, sometimes only small in nature, linking together and we tell ourselves that this is our new normal – and it’s all bad. When left unchallenged this negative storyline can involuntarily … Read the full post »

Get ready for Spring 

We believe this Spring will present a unique opportunity for property owners who are looking to move.

If we look back to early June, when restrictions eased from the first lockdown period, we were staggered by the high level of buyer enquiries. We then proceeded to have the biggest June and July in the history of our company.

This was all caused by people … Read the full post »

OK for today

For many at present it is a time of anxiety and uncertainty. Even if you are not directly affected, just glancing at the headlines each day is enough to be concerned about how this will all play out.

In times like these it really helps to have a strategy to deal with these negative emotions.

Over the past 16 years running our business, … Read the full post »

New ways

Although the COVID 19 pandemic has been concerning, there will be many future benefits from new behaviours that have occurred, through necessity, because of the pandemic.

The obvious one is the way many of us will work and interact with both colleagues and clients in the future. The Zoom phenomenon of meeting by video link is a game changer that has become … Read the full post »

Timing the market

Asset markets, such as property markets and the share market, are fluctuating beasts that ebb and flow in their performance and results over time. The easiest way to understand why this occurs is to look at the herd instincts of the human psyche. Basically, everyone does what everyone else does. The amount of physical real estate or the numbers of total … Read the full post »

Enquiry levels increase

The past week has seen a dramatic increase in enquiry levels with both online and open for inspection numbers up significantly.

There are several factors driving this.

Firstly, the COVID 19 lockdown period has allowed people to realise where they don’t want to be and/or realise where they want to be in the future. We are hearing many stories of people generally wanting … Read the full post »

New normal

Throughout the COVID 19 restriction period I have spent a lot of time working on the back end of our business so we can spring out of the blocks as things head back towards some normality. I’ve also spent a lot of time thinking what the new normal will look like.

I’m fascinated with human behavioural patterns and the psychology behind those … Read the full post »


Could is the most disturbing and unsettling word in the English language right now.

This small speculative word is used as both a weapon of influence and as a substitute for “beware.”

It is used to control the population and to influence their actions by using our innate fear of the unknown. In unsettled times such as now, our ability to catastrophise can reach … Read the full post »

Priming your day

One of the struggles anyone who works in a customer service role has (which includes real estate agents) is the consistent need to be nice to everyone you meet while you are at work. To work in these roles successfully it really helps if you are a “people person” by default but there are days that, despite your natural niceness, the … Read the full post »