Marengo has the unique claim with properties located on the ocean side of the Great Ocean Road. Wherever you are in Marengo you are not far from the beach.

The Marengo Reef Sanctuary ensures the wild life is undisturbed and there is plenty of that. On any given day you can watch the seals basking in the sun on the outer reef they call a‘holiday home’. The reef is a haul out where seals come to take rest from the hustle and bustle of busy seal colony life. Sounds like they have got the right idea!

Situated only 2.5 kms from the township of Apollo Bay Marengo is both quiet and exclusive. There is a long sweeping dog friendly beach and plenty of rock pools to ramble or ledges to fish from. If surfing or boogy boarding is your thing then you are spoilt for choice most of the year.

Not only does Marengo have a marine reserve it has a flora and fauna reserve as well. The area to the rear of Marengo is set aside so you can enjoy the peaceful setting of the natural surrounds without interference of cars or trail bikes.