Get ready for Spring 

We believe this Spring will present a unique opportunity for property owners who are looking to move.

If we look back to early June, when restrictions eased from the first lockdown period, we were staggered by the high level of buyer enquiries. We then proceeded to have the biggest June and July in the history of our company.

This was all caused by people reassessing their lives during lockdown and then acting on it as soon as the gates were opened. We believe that this is highly likely to occur again as stage 4 restrictions ease.

One of the common fallacies that we encounter from potential vendors is that because of the effect of COVID on the economy, it will not be a good time to sell. If you listen to the news it would be hard not to think that. It’s true that some areas of the property market will be affected but for the lifestyle property markets, it’s never been busier.

What you need to understand is that many of these buyers are asset swapping, in that they are selling one property to buy another. They may be borrowing in the short term while they make these moves but essentially that is their ultimate move.

Also, we don’t need many qualified buyers wanting to buy on the coast each year to have a great year. If we look at the total number of house sales on the Surfcoast in the last financial year, there were 899 sales and this was regarded as a very busy year. If we take into account the size of Melbourne, which is our main buying demographic, we have a population of approximately 5,000,000 and if you add regional Victoria this grows to almost 6,500,000. This is a large population pool to draw less than 1000 buyers from each year.

We are very fortunate that we have a world class product in terms of natural beauty and lifestyle and we have a buying demographic, who have been locked down for weeks and weeks, looking to change their situation and as we have already seen, keen to do so.

For these reasons we believe this Spring will be a great time to consider selling and now is the time to get prepared. If you are thinking of making a move and would like to discuss this further, feel free to get in touch.

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